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Home Health Nurses
Home for health. Home for comfort. Home for happiness. Salus Health is focused on helping retirees be able to live at home. That includes the times when there are short-term medical needs that might otherwise put a person in a rehab facility or hospital and it includes times when there are long term needs for caring assistance. Our home health services send nurses and therapists to the homes of patients in and around Newton, PA when they are recuperating from injury or illness or who otherwise need skilled medical care. Our home care services provide experienced, professional, and caring aides for clients who need human assistance on a more long-term basis.

Our name, Salus, underscores our values. Salus is Latin for "safety" and "welfare" and in Roman myth is the goddess revered as the protector of personal health. Each member of our team is carefully selected to live up to the Salus ideal of being exceptionally capable of caring for the health and safety of others. Your Salus is just a phone call away at any time: (877) 457-4429.

Salus is available to clients 24 hours per day, seven days per week. As a local, independent healthcare agency, our client have easy access to the owners and administrators at any time. With a team of more than fifteen people spanning multiple professions, Salus is large enough to serve while still small enough to care. Call or email us today to find out why so many of our past patients always insist on Salus.

Serving Eastern Pennsylvania
From our main office in Newton, PA, Salus Health proudly serves five counties of eastern PA: Bucks, Philadephia, Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester.